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Bözan Kaymakami Dawn Gürçam “Investment to Education, the most beautiful investment made to our country” by saying philanthropal businessman Genap Erol and son cem …

Kozan Kaymakami Dhabak Gürçam “Investment to Training is the most beautiful investment made in our country” by the philanthropy business man came together with Cenap Erol and his son Cem Erenol, made a 1 million 200 thousand TL kindergarten to the town.

Charitable business man Erol family, the Kaymakam Şafak Gürçam has been moving to the kindergarten who will host 250 students who are needed in the neighborhood to raise the next education and teaching year.

The President of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of Adana, the SDS Anonymous Company of Cem Erol, has made the recent calls to the investment on the author of 550 square meters kindergarten over 2,5 acres of kindergarten. District National Education Manager at the meeting joined in Bilal Özdemir in Head of Faruk.

The Kaymakam Dhabak Gürçam said that the training quality decreases in classrooms with the increase in classrooms in Kozan and Kozan in Kozan, which is planned to grow on the new education year. “I would like to thank Cem Erol and all his fellows, which will make such a great investment to Kozan,” he said.

Governor Dawn Gürcan that you have the number of students per classroom in kindergarten level Kozan on Turkey and Adana average, said: “The day I started working in the district of investments made in education since I consider to be invested in the country. Our district number of students per class in kindergarten, 35 in Turkey this At 30 students and 30 students in Adana. In Kozan, 35 students per class. We were not at the desired level in Kumusian class average. We had to provide new kindergartens and classrooms to solve this problem. Business man thinking of this problem Cem Erol and we had consultations with Cenap Erol. While researching about this issue, we found the opportunity to familiarize our charitable nurses and have found the opportunity to discuss this issue. The business man wanted to leave a permanent artifact with Cenap Erol and his son Cem Erol to gain this investment to the district. Positive by turning in a very short time following their internal evaluation they responded. Anadolu High School of Anatolia, Anadolu High School will be on the terrain that allocated to national education on the side of the Anatolia High School, will be on the name of the Ministry Type Project and Key Delivery School firms. We will also open school in education and training. In this sense, I was very thankful to Cem Erol and son Cem Erol, “he said.

The Kozan prefectant underlined what you will have to help citizens who want to invest in the district of the Gürçam Gürçam.

The President of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of Adana Cenap Erol, the son of Cem Erol will be able to start studies in the Preschool Training Slot for the Preschool Training Slot, which will gain to Kozan, stated that the trades in Adana will be helpful.

He was very pleased with his own son and other company partners and said that he was proud of his son, “Kozan Kaymakami Gürçam’s love and service thought of Gürçam’s love and service thoughts. Kozan has a separate significance for us. On behalf of my son And on behalf of my parents, I am very proud to be such a Hayra Vesile on behalf of our business partners. Once again, I would like to thank our prefect. “

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